Puppy Deposit Application

Our Goal with this questionnaire is to find appropriate forever homes for our puppies. There is no right or wrong answer to these questions. Please answer thoughtfully and carefully. And if there are other family members that will be involved in caring for the puppy, please let them have input as well.

Other things to consider before submitting a response

*Huskys require lots of attention, grooming and training. They are a very high maintenance breed. Grooming is necessary as a Husky will blow their coat fully at least twice a year. They do enjoy bathing and brushing, especially if you start them off young.

*Training is also very important. Huskys are an intelligent, but sometimes headstrong breed. They are however very food and attention motivated.
*They aren’t a breed that is ever recommended to be off leash as they have a strong hunting sense. And it is recommended that you put lots of effort into the ‘Come’ cue, with a Husky it is one of the most important. I do recommend Positive Reinforcement Training, as I have personally found that Huskies respond much better.

*Exercise is also a very important part of your new puppy’s life. Huskies are a VERY high energy breed. They love to walk, run, play fetch and tug of war. The more exercise your Husky receives, the less puppy behaviors they will present. Without proper exercise Huskies are known to have destructive tendencies (digging, chewing, etc).

*A puppy is a commitment of 10-15 years

*Potty accidents, and destructive tendencies are a part of raising a puppy- especially a Husky.

*A dog does require consistent preventative medications to keep it healthy. This includes flea and tick, and heartworm prevention.

*Emergency costs can and do arise while owning a dog. Are you financially prepared for such a disaster?

I am interested in a puppy for (required)
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By completing and submitting this puppy buyer questionnaire I attest that I have never been accused or convicted of animal cruelty or similar accusations and it is my sole intent to be considered as a buyer who would personally provide a forever home to a Husky Alpaca Ranch puppy. Please note that filling out and returning this questionnaire does not in any way guarantee that you will get a puppy from Husky Alpaca Ranch. We will review your questionnaire and get back to you shortly. If you have not heard from us within a few days, please give us a call.