Siberian Huskies

There is a lot of Siberian Husky breed info to familiarize yourself with, because the dogs have such a storied history and are so popular. They are classified as working dogs due to their intelligence, strength and athleticism, and indeed were used historically for transportation as sled dogs. They are one of the oldest dog breeds. Here is some other interesting Siberian Husky Information:

• They don’t shed a lot (twice a year depending on climate)
• They require quite a bit of exercise and it is generally recommended that they have a yard or large space to run and play in
• They are generally affectionate, good-natured, and do well with children and other dogs
• They rarely bark
• They need a strong, assertive owner, and may not be a great breed for the first-time dog owner

Husky Alpaca Ranch adult Siberian Huskies are all well-mannered, friendly dogs that are in prime physical conditions. All of our litters are parented by CKC certified purebred Siberian Husky canines with strong genetic lineages who themselves come from healthy parents. This means that all of our existing and upcoming litters of Siberian Husky puppies are purebred, strong and healthy. And because we provide them with the proper care, food, and living environment needed by the Husky dog breed, you can ensure that your pet comes to you without any issues.

At Husky Alpaca Ranch, we have been breeding huskies for over 5 years, and have built a family of beautiful adult Siberian Huskies. Each adult Siberian Husky we use to parent our litters is carefully selected based on age, state of health, temperament and more. This ensures that all of our puppies are the very best in terms of health, temperament and fitness as a family pet.

Upcoming Litters

A litter from Bear and Luna! Get your name on the list and your deposit in to secure your pup!

To reserve a husky puppy, email us for payment options. We take debit or credit cards, and checks for deposits. We do not accept checks for the remaining balance when you come pick up your puppy. We require a 500.00 non-refundable deposit to get on our waiting list. Total price of puppies are $1,800.00. Puppy picks are in the order we receive deposits for each litter. Litter dates are estimates and subject to change. Each litter could have extra puppies that will be posted after our customers with deposits make their picks.

Bear is an active sled dog from championship lines. He has a strong square frame, smooth gait, and learns really quickly. He is a gentle giant that loves his scratches, hugs and lovings, as well as his daily runs.

Luna is an original HAR girl. She is an awesome, experienced mom, and has always produced healthy, happy pups. She is incredibly smart and loyal, and passes her traits to her offspring. She comes from championship lines, which is shown in her square frame. She is on the smaller side, which she also often passes on, making her pups great for families. Her pups have gone to be with families, to work as service dogs, and as show dogs. Luna loves to go for runs but also loves to cuddle on the couch.

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