Taryn and Rob have been raising alpacas for over 15 years.  They started at Taryn’s parents’ farm in 2004. In 2014, they purchased their first female Siberian Husky, and began raising them. In May of 2015, they purchased their own farm and continued to raise their own herd of alpacas and pack of huskies. Each spring they shear the alpacas to harvest their fleece, which is sent to the local fiber mills to be processed.

Husky Alpaca Ranch is unique in that they raise the alpacas for both clothing fibres and for meat consumption, unlike most other Alpaca fibre farms within Ontario. As a result of this sustainable, no-waste practice, Husky Alpaca Ranch produces beautiful, natural coloured Alpaca hides, as well as lovely clothing and other fibre products.

The huskies are raised around the alpacas, so they are familiar with livestock, and have frequent visitors making them friendly and sociable. They love the runs in the field, playing in the snow in the winter and the grass in the summer, and the fresh country air.

Where To Find Us

Call to come see us at the farm or visit us at the farmers’ markets, or other community events that we are at. We offer farm tours, walk the alpaca, interact with alpacas and huskies, as well as an on farm store that you can visit.

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